What Could a Democracy Be Like

Idea and Text by Equipo Plantel
Illustrations by Marta Pina
ISBN: 978-84-943625-0-7
48 pages
18 x 21 cm
PVP: 14 euro
Cómo puede ser la democracia Democracia-1Democracia-2Democracia-3Democracia-4

Children's libraries are full of books about vampires, zombies and horrifying monsters, apocalyptic wars and all types of imaginable disasters… Well, nothing would happen if we added a book that talks about democracy to these libraries!
The book that we now publish, with new illustrations by Marta Pina, was thought out and written almost forty years ago. However in spite of the time that has passed, everything that it says (in the clearest and simplest way) perfectly continues to apply today. It will provide the youngest readers with clues to formulate interesting questions and it will help older readers to refresh their ideas and reaffirm their democratic convictions, which is no small achievement.


Marta Pina