There are Social Classes

Idea and Text by Equipo Plantel
Illustrations by Joan Negrescolor
ISBN: 978-84-943625-2-1
48 pages
18 x 21 cm
PVP: 14 euro
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After reading this book, we will not be able to read the stories about princes and princesses in the same way again. And here we aren't exactly talking about princes or princesses but the economic inequalities which mark people's lives.
When this book was published for the first time at the end of the Sixties decade, many thought that the differences between the rich and poor would decrease and they dreamed about an egalitarian future. On the contrary, in recent years, these differences have accentuated. There are those who possess extravagantly luxurious cars, yachts the size of a house and houses which seem like palaces (and everything seems so small to them!), while many other persons do not own a decent home and suffer enormous hardship to make a living. What do our young readers think about all this?


Joan Negrescolor