Mujeres portadaWomen and Men

Idea and Text by Equipo Plantel
Illustrations by Luci Gutiérrez
ISBN: 978-84-943625-3-8
48 pages
18 x 21 cm
PVP: 14 euro
Las mujeres y los hombres Mujeres_Hombres-1Mujeres_Hombres-2Mujeres_Hombres-3Mujeres_Hombres-4

When we decided to republish several books from almost forty years ago, we thought that of the four titles of the series, the one dedicated to women and men was the most outdated, since many changes have taken place since 1978 and fortunately, almost always for the better. (The oldest readers will now be able to verify these changes by reading this book).
In spite of everything, in 2015, women not only fail to enjoy many of the privileges that seem reserved for men, but they continue to suffer major discriminations all over the world. No one can have any doubt that women and men are equal and we possess the same rights. We can only achieve this egalitarian world by means of education which must be a better place to live —for everyone.


Luci Gutiérrez