I Have No Words

Arnal Ballester
ISBN: 84-930221-0-1
120 pages
PVP: 15'03 euro

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Rated as a White Raven by the Munich Internationale Jugend Bibliothek, in 1999;

Selected among the Best Books for Children by the Caracas Banco del Libro, in 2000;

Selected by Salon du Livre de Jeunesse de Montreuil, in 2001


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Just like the title says, I Have No Words has no words; it tells a story readers will have to discover through some fifty red and black images printed only on the odd-numbered pages. Arnal Ballester uses his knowledge of visual grammar and all the means available to his excellent draughtsmanship to surprise and entertain us, littering the way with dubious certainties and apparent falsity.

Even without words, this is a book one should read with one's eyes wide open. We should do what the epilogue's author, Dolores Fuzilli, suggests one should do when going out for a walk: that we should simply "observe every detail closely, while carefully scanning beyond the windows' edges, where surely the most interesting things are to be found".

Arnal Ballester